Established in 2017, Ji Heng International Trading Limited as one of the most competitive pet brand operation teams of marketing & promotion in China, the company's main business covers from brand agency, one-stop brandpromotion &operation, supply chain empowerment and O2O exploration in the pet industry. It has more than 5,000 online and offline sales channels, with sales exceeding 200 million yuan for three consecutive years.
MPTY has established strategic cooperative relations with a number of international pet brands, and is committed to creating an integrated service system for distributors and pet owners based on the business philosophy of professionalism and integrity.
Our wish: Our furry friends will have and a enjoy a quality of life
Up to 2022,It's resourceful and self-owned social media MCN agencies with over signed 300 +KOL which has contributed more than 100 million followers for brands. Our social media posts are scientific articles or personal sharing of happiness or good pet related products all of which have been creating real value of purchasing by transferring followers into our real customers.

Here is our honor pillar
“The most powerful pet institution of Sina Weibo”3 years in a row (2019-2021) “The official partner of Pet category on The Little Red Book “The best service-provider of Pet category on Zhihu
Media Communication
Monthly active users have reached to 523 million.
Users have surpassed 300
Daily users have surpassed
400 million.
Famous video website in
Government Business Relationships
We have long-term cooperation relationships with Chongqing customs, Hangzhou customs, Shanghai customs,etc.,enabling us to process with the legal customs clearances ,duty declaration, and consistency of information submitting to customs.
Since 2019, we've been responsible for marketing INSTINCT PET FOOD For nearly four years providing various and completed marketing systems and plans in time. now it has total online exposures: 450,941,343; Total clicks : 35,122,141; Total interactions: 1,264,551; Total followers: 312,619.
Since the establishment of Sina MCN, MPTY has recruited 318 pet vertical Kols. After rapid development, our MCN organization has won the "Sina Weibo Most Influential Pet Organization" award for 3 consecutive years.
As one of the official brand channel partners of Little Red Book, MPTY's MCN agency serves more than 35 brands on the platform , with a total investment of more than 15 million yuan. 15 KOL&KOC members of MPTY from the organization won the "TOP30 Most Influential Accounts" and "TOP 50 Recommended Products" in the pet sector in 2021.